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Arco Gas station, Car wash, and Drive through Restaurant

Bloomington, CA, USA

2.3 acres


Property Description

Embarking on a transformative journey, a visionary project spanning 2.3 acres is slated for completion by Christmas 2025, with a total investment of $12 million. At its heart lies a 5,000 square feet Arco gas station, set to redefine convenience for travelers and locals alike. Adjacent to it, a cutting-edge 100-foot tunnel carwash promises top-tier vehicle cleanliness, while a drive-through restaurant adds culinary delights to the mix.

Thoughtful design elements, including landscaped green spaces and ample parking, elevate the entire complex, creating an inviting ambiance for visitors to explore.

Beyond infrastructure, the project aims for community enrichment, offering employment opportunities and fostering local entrepreneurship. With each milestone achieved, anticipation grows within the community, eager to witness the realization of this ambitious vision. Come Christmas 2025, the project's unveiling will mark the beginning of a new era, leaving a lasting impression on the landscape and the lives it touches.

Property Details

Property Type



2.3 acres




Closed to Investors

Property Location

Bloomington, CA, USA

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