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Gas Station

Sell Your Gas Station Portfolio

Maximize Your Investment

Embrace Early Retirement

Are you considering selling your gas station portfolio valued up to $150M in sizable assets?


At Serenity Startup, we create value for our customers by helping business owners like you unlock the full potential of your investments. Whether your goal is early retirement or diversifying your portfolio, our expert team will guide you with tailored strategies that ensure you receive the best value for your assets.

We pride ourselves on identifying and executing strategic acquisition opportunities that benefit all parties involved. In partnership with 9606 Capital, we offer robust financial backing and expert management to maximize the potential of your portfolio. A prime example of this is our recent initiative to acquire gas station portfolios, where we provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of portfolio owners.

We look forward to discussing how our expertise can help you achieve your investment goals. Below, you'll find our "Letter of Interest" and "Acquisition Letter" for more detailed information.

Letter of Interest

Acquisition Letter


Re: Acquisition of your Gas station portfolio, Up to $150 Million in sizable assets


Dear Gas Station Portfolio Owner,

I hope this letter finds you well. We deeply respect the significant dedication and investment that managing a gas station portfolio entails, and we truly appreciate the hard work and commitment you've put into your business endeavors. We are writing to you today to explore a potential partnership opportunity that could benefit both parties involved.

At Serenity Startup, we specialize in creating value for business owners like you by acquiring and managing gas station portfolios. We recognize that the evolving market conditions present both challenges and opportunities for businesses in the fuel industry. Whether you are considering exiting your business or diversifying your portfolio, we believe we can offer a mutually beneficial solution.

Through our partnership with 9606 Capital, we bring the resources, expertise, and industry knowledge needed to manage and grow gas station businesses effectively. By partnering with us, you can leverage our experience to maximize the value of your portfolio while potentially mitigating risks associated with market fluctuations and operational challenges.

We are pleased to present the following options for your consideration:

  1. Complete Exit and Sale: We offer a fair value for the complete acquisition of your portfolio, providing you with a seamless exit strategy.

  2. Partial Partnership and Early Retirement: Retain a portion of your portfolio while benefiting from our elite management team's expertise. This arrangement ensures a hassle-free experience and a steady income stream for you as a valued investor.

  3. Full Portfolio Management: Maintain full ownership of your portfolio while our expert team takes over management. Our management fee is structured to reflect the added value we create, ensuring additional returns or preventing losses.


We are flexible and open to finding creative solutions that meet your needs while delivering value to both your organization and ours. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity further, we would welcome the chance to discuss potential sale, exit, or partnership arrangements in more detail.

Thank you for considering this unique opportunity. We are excited about the potential for growth and success that could be achieved through our collaboration. We look forward to the possibility of working together to create mutual success in the dynamic and competitive gas station industry.


George Allen, M.D. Executive MBA

Founder and CEO 

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